Amber Glass Model G102 Handcrafted Whisky Glass With Cap

Amber Glass Model G102 Whisky Glass

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Amber Glass Model G102 Whisky Glass

Model G102 exemplifies Amber Factory's approach to whisky glassware for blind tasting. It is still the good, old Amber Glass tulip. However, what makes this model special is the hand - painted black surface of the whole glass & the cover for blind tasting experiences. The glass itself plays a decorative role and is an absolute must-have for every glass collector. Supplied with a tasting lid and an attractive case is an excellent gift for all whisky lovers. Presented in modern design satin box.

Capacity: 100 ml.

Dimensions: D58 mm. / H171 mm.

Material: Mouth - blown, soda - boron glass & lid.

Hand-painted black surface of the bowl and lid.

Handmade. Hand Wash Only.