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Whisky, Wit and Wisdom: Light and quirky stories from inside the whisky world by Gavin D. Smith

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Whisky Wit and Wisdom: Light and Quirky Stories from Inside the Whisky World by Gavin D. Smith

Whisky Wit and Wisdom deals with the lighter and quirkier sides of whisky-making, whisky consumption, whisky over-consumption, whisky in literature, whisky and the law, and even whisky and death. A selection of leading whisky industry personalities have contributed their favourite humorous stories concerning 'the cratur', and the text is augmented by a serious of historic Punch cartoons.

Published by Waverley Books.

189 pages.

About the author

Gavin D. Smith is a freelance journalist and author specialising in horseracing and whisky. He is the author of the A-Z of Whisky and co-author of Wort, Worms and Washbacks.